Managing Green Business Model Transformations by Axel Sommer

By Axel Sommer

Environmental sustainability creates either large enterprise possibilities and bold threats to demonstrated businesses throughout almost all sectors. but many businesses take on the difficulty in a superficial or passive manner, instead of contemplating primary adjustments to their latest enterprise types. by means of ignoring the possibilities of eco-friendly enterprise version changes, businesses exclude themselves from a wide number of power ability to create financial worth. as well as usual product and method concepts, they could switch “the ideas of the sport” inside of an in the direction of environmental sustainability.
Green company version variations, even though, are not easy ventures: New, eco-friendly enterprise versions with all their uncertainties and inherent complicated systemic features are tricky to layout, investigate, and enforce effectively, really within the context of validated businesses that frequently entail complicated constructions and substantial inertia.
As a end result, there's a nice desire for suggestions in administration perform. This e-book addresses this desire with a basic method of Managing eco-friendly enterprise version Transformations that's in line with a wide theoretical beginning, illustrated via many real-world examples from quite a few sectors.

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System dynamics has been pioneered by Jay W. e. by dividing the problem into smaller pieces until each individual piece can be solved. Instead, dynamic interactions and feedback loops between the relevant system elements need to be considered holistically (Forrester 1958). In this context, systems thinking has been developed as a powerful analytical tool and is thus introduced in conjunction with business models. Addressable problems include many sustainability issues (Senge et al. 2008), as well as organisational challenges (Senge 1990).

See Appendix 2: Case study protocol excerpt). , strategic plans and decisions, opinions about customers, competitors, or certain parts of the own organisation) many interviewees would not have accepted recording. Second, even if an interviewee had agreed to record the interview, an important share of information would likely have been held back in this case. In fact, on several occasions, interviewees insisted that some statements must not show in the text of this publication. Although these parts of the interviews have obviously not been included – at least not explicitly – they were often crucial for understanding certain important aspects of business models and motives for management decisions.

Moreover, specific management tools and advice for suitable courses of action are provided. Part IV concludes with a recapitulation of the contributions of this work, discusses its limitations and possibilities for future research. 5 Research Approach for the Practical Part The case vignettes in chapter 7 are used to validate and illustrate the conceptual work throughout the book. A wide variety of companies from different industries have been examined based on publically available documents such as newspaper and journal articles, company websites and reports.

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