Logic Colloquium '69: Proceedings Manchester, 1969 by R. O. and C. M. E. Yates. (eds) Gandy

By R. O. and C. M. E. Yates. (eds) Gandy

Amsterdam 1971 North-Holland. court cases of the summer season institution and colloquium in mathematical common sense, Manchester, August 1969. 8vo., 452pp. VG, gentle soiling, no DJ.

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Every true art must indeed have an intel. basis, lectual and therefore certain underlying principles that govern it, but in all matters which are not of its essence as an art, it can adopt new methods and new laws, often the very opposite of has clung hitherto. It is far more and varies almost indefinitely with varying time and place. The laws of rhetoric those to which it pliable than science, ' Cf. Arist. Metaph. noiovai ttv Tex^V". C p. 981. (Berol. ) 01 «u«! iiiiretpiai : THE DEFINITION OF »8 LOGIC.

An LOGIC AN ART OR SCIENCE? 17 art is learned chiefly by study. Thus art, rhetoric is painting an is by practice, 1 a science an art, embroidery is an Each of these indeed, like every art, has a scientific element in it, but its artistic side is is art. in the foreground, out of sight. None and the scientific element of these arts could be acquired by years of patient study. It is by the labour of continual practice that skill is attained in them, and innate ability rendered perfect. the other hand, geometry is harmony is a science, political economy is a science, a science.

Rates the antinomies of St. Paul, which he declares dictory. Sir 1 human reason. 2 Mr. Herbert Spencer declares Theism and Atheism to be equally untenable by the intellect of man. Many of the Hegelian School go so far as to identify existence with non-existence, and to declare that all contradictions are but partial expressions of one allembracing Truth. 3 What else is this but to deny the existence of all Truth, to make all philosophy impossible, to render all argument a mere childish manipulation of unrealities, all investigation of Truth a mere futile and fruitless search after the to be irreconcilable to Philosopher's stone ?

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