Later and Unpublished Texts 1940s by Krishnamurti Jiddu

By Krishnamurti Jiddu

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L’argumentation dans la communication

Los angeles société démocratique recourt systématiquement au débat, à l. a. dialogue, à l'argumentation. Les innovations qui permettent de convaincre l'autre sans violence sont pourtant peu connues ou enseignées. L'auteur pose à ce sujet plusieurs questions fondamentales. Quels arguments utilisons-nous couramment ?

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The narrow mind may produce immediate results, but it cannot understand extensively; but when the mind is extensive, it can include the particular also. This elasticity, pliability, swiftness of the mind, cannot come about if there is resistance; therefore, one has to be aware of and understand the many interests, and not resist them. As each interest comes up, look at it; don't condemn or justify it, but go into it, absorb it fully and completely. It does not matter whether it is a sexual interest, the desire to be somebody, or any other interest.

Because, you and I are going to undertake a journey to see if we can discover the whole sequence of modern civilization, its splendour and its catastrophe, in which both the East and the West are involved. It is a voyage of discovery which you and I are going to undertake together in order to see very clearly and directly what is taking place. For that, you do not want a leader, you do not want a guru, you do not need an organization, or any opinions. What you do need is clarity of perception to see things as they are; and when you see things thus clearly, truth comes into being.

That means that you worship the label and prefer it to living sanely and rationally; so you are going to be destroyed, whether you like it or not. What is a person to do if he wants to free himself from the causes of war? How is he to stop war? Can the coming war be stopped? The momentum of greed, the power of nationalism, which every human being has set in motion - can they be stopped? Obviously they cannot be stopped. War can be stopped only when Russia, America, and all of us transform ourselves immediately and say that we will have no nationalism, we will not be Russians, Americans, Hindus, Muslims, Germans or Englishmen, but human beings; we will be human beings in relationship, trying to live happily together.

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