Applied Hydrology by Ven Chow, David Maidment, Larry Mays

By Ven Chow, David Maidment, Larry Mays

This article is designed for a hydrologist, civil, or agricultural engineer. The textual content provides an built-in method of hydrology, utilizing the hydrologic/system or keep watch over quantity as a mechnism for examining hydrologic difficulties.

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Extensive property transport in the direction of motion is called advection and is described by the term ///3p V d A in the Reynolds transport theorem, Eq. 9). Velocity Profile Determination of the rates of conduction and convection of momentum requires knowledge of the velocity profile in the boundary layer. For flow of air over land or water, the logarithmic velocity profile is applicable (Priestley, 1959). 4), and Zo is the roughness height of the surface. 2 gives values of the roughness height for some surfaces.

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5 in. Show that the criterion for fully turbulent flow is not satisfied, and compute the velocity and flow rate using the Darcy-Weisbach equation and the Moody diagram. By what percent is the velocity obtained from this procedure different from what would have been obtained if Manning's equation had been used? Assume kinematic viscosity is 1 x 10 " 5 ft2/s. Solve Prob. 7 if the flow depth is 1 mm. For a steady uniform flow in a circular conduit of diameter Z), show that the wall shear stress To is given by T yDhf °-ir where y is the specific weight of the fluid and hf is the head loss over a length L of the conduit.

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