Anything That's Peaceful: The Case for the Free Market by Leonard E. Read

By Leonard E. Read

"My thesis," Leonard learn informs us during this outstanding e-book, "in least difficult phrases, is: allow somebody do something he pleases, as long as it truly is peaceable; the position of presidency, then, is to maintain the peace." in order that. This e-book is a vintage, compelling assertion of the political philosophy of libertarianism and assertion of the guiding rules of the basis for monetary schooling.

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Is brilliant legerdemain: it is so complex that hardly anyone can understand it! We monetize debt; that is, the more the government spends, the more is the money supply expanded. Since the start of deficit financing and monetized debt, our quantity of dollars has enormously increased. Anyone with an eye to trends can observe that the dollar has declined in value and that prices are on the upswing. The Russians, in my judgment, have the most honest system of dishonesty: the Kremlin-with guns, if necessary -"calls upon" the people to purchase government bonds.

And, certainly, there is no moral sanction for anyone or any organization to take aggressive action against you. Now, let us suppose that some people decide they want their power and light at a price lower than the market rate. To accomplish their purpose, they forcibly (with weapons, if necessary) collect the fruits of your peaceable labor in the form of capital to construct the power plant. Then they annually use force to take your income to defray the deficits of their operation-deficits incurred by reason of the sub-market rates they charge themselves for the power and light they use.

So much for the American setting-past and present! • CHAPTER 3 • STRIFE AS A WAY OF LIFE BROADLY SPEAKING, there are two opposing philosophies of human relationships. One commends that these relationships be in terms of peace and harmony. The other, while never overtly commended, operates by way of strife and violence. One is peaceful; the other unpeaceful. When peace and harmony are adhered to, only willing exchange exists in the market place-the economics of reciprocity and practice of the Golden Rule.

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