Analytical Applications of Ion Exchangers by J. Inczédy and I. Buzás (Auth.)

By J. Inczédy and I. Buzás (Auth.)

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Ion-exchange resins are selective for ions. Multivalent ions are more strongly absorbed from dilute solutions than ions of lower valence. The order of absorption strengths on strongly acidic cation-ex­ change resins of ions with the same valence is nearly identical with the Hofmeister's lyotropic row: Li+ < H+ < Na+ < NH4+ < < Rb+ < Cs+ < Ag+ < T1+; Mn^+ < Mg2+ < Zn2+ < Co^^ < Cu^^ < Cd^^ < Ni^^ < Ca2+ < Sr2+ < Pb2+ < < Ba^^; Al^^ < Sc^^ < Y^-^ < Eu^-^ < Sm^+ < Nd^"^ < Pr^"' < Ce^+ < La^"'. In the case of ions carrying an identical charge, the absorption strength increases with decreasing diameter of the hydrated ion.

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