An Architecture for Combinator Graph Reduction by Philip John Koopman Jr.

By Philip John Koopman Jr.

This ebook combines structure with implementation innovations for complex programming languages

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In order to give an idea of potential TIGRE performance on a supercomputer, times for one processor of a Cray Y-MP are also shown in Table 5-1. The Cray Y-MP is a multiprocessor supercomputer with a 167 MHz clock. The times are not as fast as one might expect given the clock speed because TIGRE performs a large number of pointer dereferences that cannot be handled efficiently by a heavily pipelined supercomputer. The measurements for Table 5-1 are given in Turner Set RAPS. This metric is subject to some variation because not all combinators perform the same amount of work.

The j s b opcode is initialized upon initial acquisition of heap space and thereafter never modified. 0 jsb jsb 3 / / . · jsb / Ç COPE FOR + 3 jsb 22 11 / / C COPE FOB UT ^ Figure 3-8. 3. DIRECT EXECUTION OF GRAPHS 23 The processor is in no sense interpreting the graph. It is directly executing the data structure, using the hardware-provided subroutine call instructions to do the stack unwinding. However, the j s b opcode does provide a tag of sorts for pointer cells (since j s b is associated with cells in the heap whereas combinator code uses other opcodes).

The code for U is as follows: mov Rl, ip evaluate allocate 1 mov RO, ip mov ip, LtempO mov Rresult, Rl mov Lresult, result mov Rresult, RtempO top (RtempO) thread The allocation is performed after the evaluation, because the evaluation may disrupt the contents of any heap node pointer registers, and may trigger a garbage collection cycle. y f X Figure 4-8. The U combinator. 4. Supercombinators The compilation of supercombinator definitions for TIGRE is supported by the same set of primitives used to implement the Turner Set.

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