Amazing Animals Q & A by David Burnie

By David Burnie

Crammed with eye-popping photos and much out evidence, all of the questions you'll ever ask in regards to the animal nation are replied during this distinct kin reference.

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Flea Q Who is the top animal athlete? A The cheetah is the fastest land Q What tiny animal takes giant jumps? A For their size, fleas are the best jumpers in the animal world. They manage these giant jumps because their bodies contain special elastic pads. To jump, they squeeze these pads, and then suddenly release them, making their back legs give a tremendous kick. At the moment of launch, they accelerate faster than a space rocket. Cockroach More Facts n Ghost crabs live on tropical beaches.

49 On the move Which fish “flies” through the water? Why do wildebeest move in groups? Do insects migrate? How do lobsters find their way? 52 54 56 58 Which fish “flies” through the water? Animals have proved themselves to be top athletes. Whether on land, in water, or in the air they exhibit a stunning range of skills to get them where they want to be, quickly. But few are as graceful as the manta ray as it powers through the water, flapping its fins like the wings of a giant bird. A fully grown adult ray can measure up to 23 ft (7 m) across.

These false eyes are actually poison glands. If something does bite the frog, their horrible taste often makes it let go. Frilled lizard Tail lashes from side to side Real eyes Chilean foureyed frog Feet have strong claws 36 snakes, even if they have never seen one. An elephant hawkmoth caterpillar uses this fear to protect itself. It has bright spots on the back of its head, which look like a pair of eyes. If the caterpillars are threatened by a bird, they pull in their heads and then hunch up into a snakelike shape.

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