Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines You Can Build by G. Harry Stine

By G. Harry Stine

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Following World W a r II, a Czechoslovak radio engineer, Karel Drbal. read some o f Boms' material. Drbal worked it idle Radio Instinue of Research in Prague Radar and microwaves were part o f die technology diat had mushroomed during die war. Many microwave antennas and other devices are horn-shaped or pyramidal in nature. Drbal began to experiment with small pyramid models for desiccation and dehydration because heeidier suspected some phenomenon connected widi microwaves or wanted :c prove Bovis wrong - we'll never really know for certain.

T h e easiest and most dramatic experiment that can be conducted widi a pyramidal shape is die classic razor blade experiment. This requires a 12-inch or an 1Sinch pyramid. Obtain at least six. good quality razor blades or disposable razors. Select one at random and mark ir tor identification. 50 Pyramids The experiment may beconducted by eidier men or women. M e n will want to shave their faces. W o m e n cait conduct the experiment by shaving their legs. Forrhe sake o f clarity and brevity herein, die experiment, will be described as itis conducted by shaving the face; die same procedure can be used to shave legs.

This happens to be die case when it comes to discussing many ol these strange machines and, in tact, unknown or "psychic* phenomena in general. O n e should always keep in mind that tenninology is often borrowed and then used with perhaps a different S4 Pyramids meaning in mind because people have an overwhelming tendency to name die unknown, thereby giving ihem the belief that they partially understand ir. li is not diat investigators o f strange phenomena are too lazy or ignorant to develop their own terminology because diey often do, coining words to describe phenomena yet with litde or no attempt made to carefully define or quantify these new terms.

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