Ahlan Wa Sahlan: Functional Modern Standard Arabic for by Mahdi Alosh

By Mahdi Alosh

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BharatiyaVidya Bhavan: Bombay, 1965. A. The History and Culture of the Tamils. Firma K. L. Mukhopadhyay: Calcutta, 1964. Said, Edward. Orientalism. Pantheon: London, 1978. 2 The scripture of Hinduism: the Veda TheVeda is the single most important source of Hinduism – acceptance of the Veda as authoritative is the criterion for orthodoxy. e. accepting the Veda as authoritative) and are deemed orthodox. The Indian term is s´ruti, meaning ‘that which has been perceived through hearing’. For thousands of years, perhaps, the Veda was only transmitted orally, and memorization was the only way to acquire its knowledge.

Hindu Samskaras: Socio-Religious Study of the Hindu Sacraments. Motilal Banarsidass: Delhi, 1969. 4 Vedic ritual The most outstanding feature of vedic religion is its ritual: domestic and public sacrifices and life-cycle rituals encompassed everything, ensuring conformity with the all-ordering law of the universe expressed in dharma. This chapter deals first with the largely historical practice and theory of yajña (sacrifice), and then provides information about the universally practised samska¯ras (sacraments) that still furnish the framework for the life of a modern Hindu.

Yet in daily life Harijans still have to suffer many indignities and cruelties. Caste is alive and well in today’s India. Most deputies to parliaments at all levels are elected on the basis of caste-majorities in their constituencies and most marriages are still arranged along caste compatibilities. Marrying a partner from another caste always implied that the children belonged to the lower caste of the two. atriyas. Narayan,to its highest public office, that of President. Harijans who made it were usually helped by organizations that worked for the advancement of outcastes and low-castes.

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