Advances in control and automation of water systems by Kaveh Hariri Asli; et al

By Kaveh Hariri Asli; et al

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The Inverse and S models cannot be calculated. 3 RESULTS Pulsation generally occurs when a liquid’s motive force is generated by reciprocating or peristaltic positive displacement pumps. It is most commonly caused by the acceleration and deceleration of the pumped fluid. Installing a pulsation dampener can provide the most cost efficient and effective choice. It can prevent the damaging effects of pulsation. The most current pulsation dampener design is the hydro-pneumatic dampener, consisting of a pressure vessel containing a compressed gas, generally air or Nitrogen separated from the process liquid by a bladder or diaphragm.

2 Research Laboratory Model for Laboratory Experiments with Flow and Pressure Data Records. Laboratory Model Dateline: Dateline for Research Field Tests and Lab. , 10/02/07 until 05/02/09. Location of Research Field Tests and Lab. model was at Rasht city in the north of Iran. Pilot research subject was “Interpenetration of two fluids at parallel between plates and turbulent moving in pipe”. For research data collection process, Rasht city water main pipeline have been selected as Research Field Tests Model.

6 VAPOUR MAX. VOL* CURR. VOL* CURR. 7 mH at point P4:J3 of Rasht city Water Pipeline. 9 mH at point P25:J28 of Rasht city Water Pipeline. 00 software. 1 Comparison of Present research results with other expert’s research Comparison of present research results (water hammer software modeling) with other expert’s research results shows similarity according to flowing: Jaime Suárez Acuña and Chaudhry have obtained pressure heads by the steady and unsteady friction model. 9). 9 (a) Starting flow driven by 2 m/s velocity rise in 30 seconds time; average = rigid column; oscillation = water hammer at midpoint(Jaime Suárez Acuña and Chaudhry, 1987), (b) Transmission Line without surge tank and in leakage condition.

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