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L’argumentation dans la communication

Los angeles société démocratique recourt systématiquement au débat, à l. a. dialogue, à l'argumentation. Les concepts qui permettent de convaincre l'autre sans violence sont pourtant peu connues ou enseignées. L'auteur pose à ce sujet plusieurs questions fondamentales. Quels arguments utilisons-nous couramment ?

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Proposes an inquiry into the principle of life that is not limited, and should not be limited, to human beings (see De an. 402b3 – 9). Accordingly, the treatise unfolds a general treatment of the soul that comprehends both its definition (I 1 – 2) and an inquiry into its faculties,59 two tasks that are undertaken within a general scope that embraces plants and animals (including human beings) (De an. 414a29 – 414 b5), with a view to determining how these faculties are distributed through all living beings and their different species.

That psychological aspect is responsible for triggering the vocalized sound and providing it with the information to be conveyed. The phantasia that triggers the voalized sound need not, of course, be the same as the phantasia for which the vocalized sound stands as linguistic entity. g. a lion may motivate in a monkey a phantasia that pictures the prospect of members of the pack being preyed by the lion in question; that in turn may motivate the monkey to emit a vocalized sound that the members of the pact identify with danger, i.

421b32 – 33), precisely in virtue of the fact (c±q d¶) that its agent is a phantasia. Vocalized sound is an ‘ensouled’ and significant sound insofar as it is triggered and made significant by a cognitive psychological event, a phantasia. We can conclude that vocalized sound for Aristotle implies a link between vocal sound and psychological content aimed at communication. This view is not simply Aristotelian, but finds its roots in Greek language, as is testified by usages in which vym¶ conveys the faculty of speech (S.

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