A short history of ethics : a history of moral philosophy by Alasdair C MacIntyre

By Alasdair C MacIntyre

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So much readers of Spinoza deal with him as a natural metaphysician, a grim determinist or a stoic moralist, yet none of those descriptions captures the writer of the "Ethics", argues Steven Smith during this e-book. delivering a brand new studying of Spinoza's masterpiece, Smith asserts that the "Ethics" is a party of human freedom and its attendant joys and duties and may be put one of the nice founding records of the Enlightenment.

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Rather it is that a desire is only satisfiable if it is given a specified object. When we say to people, “Do whatever you want,” this makes sense where there are a number of clearly defined alternatives and we do not wish our preferences to weigh with the agent. But to say to the agent who asks the general moral questions, How shall I live? , “Do whatever you want to,” specifies no goal to be pursued. The problem is to know which wants to to pursue, which to discourage, and so on. The correct retort to the injunction “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may” is, Which rosebuds?

So that “what is good for X” and “what X wants” do not mean the same. At the same time how could a man want what would be bad for himself? Very simply, we are tempted to reply, in the way that a drug addict wants drugs, or an alcoholic wants alcohol, or a sadist wants victims. But the Socratic answer would surely be that for these men the object of desire apparently falls under the concept of some genuine good–pleasure, the diminution of a craving, or whatever it is. Their mistake is the intellectual one of misidentifying an object, supposing it to be of some kind other than it is, or of not noticing some of its properties, not remembering perhaps.

This fact Plato himself brought out in later criticisms of his own position. What is important is that the theory of meaning has been decisively brought on the scene. The logician has entered moral philosophy for good. But even though, from now on, the systematic and self-conscious logical analysis of moral concepts will be at the heart of moral philosophy, it can nonetheless never be the whole of moral philosophy. For we have to understand not only the logical interrelations of moral concepts, rules, and the like but also the point and purpose such rules serve.

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