A New Morality from Science. Beyondism by Arnold P. Goldstein (Eds.)

By Arnold P. Goldstein (Eds.)

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Similarly, the schools have apparently not taught the distinction between freedom and license, or the fact that, in the social world —as more obviously in the natural world where the laws of physics and chemistry prevail —the greatest freedom of self-expression is enjoyed by those w h o grasp and respect the nature of laws. The untrained newspaper reader is served a semantic trick, again, by writers from Mussolini to Popper or Leary, who have mixed up authority and authoritarian. Authority may be highly desirable —in medicine, for example, where there are professional and quack treatments, in scholarship, where authorities recognize, for example, correct and incorrect translations, and so on.

Around such terms as "relativism," "authority," "deviation," "authoritarian," "freedom," "responsibility," a host of misunderstandings cling today, some of them willful. Until social science steps in to define, quantify and calculate, the discussion of social questions in most current writings will continue to move in a semantic quagmire. For example, no difference is drawn, either by the person who loves or the person who detests deviation, between such totally distinct varieties of non-conformity as: (1) experimental deviation based on originality, (2) mechanical deviation based on a desire to be different (for whatever reasons), and (3) criminal, anti-social deviation, which resembles the two first only in being deviant.

1 MORAL CONFUSION AND THE RECESSION OF REVEALED RELIGIONS The argument to this point has been essentially that, in spite of the powerful grip on the emotional thinking of man which religion and the arts have acquired, the only dependable path toward clarifying that which art and religion seek to understand is the path of scientific method. Our emotional life needs to be shaped afresh, in sanity, from this new source. But the proposition is strange to most ears, and at this juncture in history will kindle enthusiasm only in a minority.

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