A brief history of the Western world (9th Edition) by Thomas H. Greer, Gavin Lewis

By Thomas H. Greer, Gavin Lewis

Greer/Lewis's a quick historical past OF THE WESTERN international grants a complete view of the advance of Western civilization in part the pages of different texts. each one bankruptcy presents extensive assurance of political, social, cultural, and spiritual subject matters. incorporates a CD-ROM and entry to an internet collage library.

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The power of the priests originally came from their status as servants of the gods and goddesses—the personified forces of nature (p. 21) upon whom the Sumerians believed that the survival of their communities depended. As these communities became more prosperous and powerful, they devoted much of their 17 18 chapter 1: the birth of civilization in the middle east new resources to the service of the gods and goddesses, thereby greatly increasing the power and wealth of the priests and priestesses.

The gloom of daily existence was reinforced by religious myths of the Creation and the Flood, each showing humanity at the mercy of divine powers. Though passive “acceptance” was no doubt the main popular mood, the surviving literature of the Sumerians reveals a many-sided humanity. Fables, legends, psalms, and proverbs were passed down mainly by word of mouth. The most impressive literary creations of these people, recited by bards and minstrels and recorded on clay tablets, are their epic poems.

C. onward. Among these were the wheel and the plow (pp. c. Another such innovation, which revolutionized the making of tools and weapons, was the development of metalworking. , people living in the ore-bearing mountains that fringed Mesopotamia had learned to use loose pieces of copper that they found lying on the ground. By hammering the metal, either cold or heated, they managed to create a variety of useful articles. The supply of pure copper was limited, however, and tools made of copper are rather soft.

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