101 Philosophy Problems, 2nd Edition by Martin Cohen

By Martin Cohen

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L’argumentation dans la communication

Los angeles société démocratique recourt systématiquement au débat, à l. a. dialogue, à l'argumentation. Les concepts qui permettent de convaincre l'autre sans violence sont pourtant peu connues ou enseignées. L'auteur pose à ce sujet plusieurs questions fondamentales. Quels arguments utilisons-nous couramment ?

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He is always getting closer, but never makes up the lost ground completely. Achilles will certainly, with his celebrated speed, soon get very close behind the tortoise—but why can’t he, logically speaking at least, ever overtake the reptilian competitor? 38 Problem 28 Lost in Space We all know about the Earth being a planet in Space. In fact, we know a bit more about where it is in Space: it is in the Solar System, which in turn is on one of the outer arms of the swirl of the Milky Way Galaxy (the band of light that we can see across the night sky, if we don’t live in cities, anyway).

And the third minor refit could hardly have affected its authenticity. Was he seriously suggesting that pulling out the last original nail had suddenly ceased to make it the famous boat? At the most, all they had done was make a second ‘also original’ Thunderprow. Anyway, if there was really one original Thunderprow it was not an earthly one, but a mental idea, in the mind of the designer perhaps. Sorites thought this was absurd, and insisted that the museum ship be dismantled and each bit burnt in turn, and the nails melted down.

But on the way he hears a plaintive whine. It is a dog that has fallen into the varsity pond and is unable to get out. ’ The kindly Professor wades into the pond and lifts out the whimpering puppy. But by the time he has returned to his office and towelled himself down a bit, he is very late for the lecture. A hundred students are very cross. Prof. Purple offers his apologies and explains the situation. As an amusing exercise in practical ethics, he asks them to decide whether he has done the right thing.

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